Animal Encounters

Our hosts experience God’s creation first-hand as they meet people who help rescue, nurture and preserve animals that have been orphaned through hunting, injured in the wild or abandoned as pets, or threatened due to environmental deterioration. Marvel with them as they enjoy some close Animal Encounters.


Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is full of images, allusions and symbols. Arnion brings that message to life in a mixture of thought provoking dramas and simple, plain English explanations. A practical introduction to this important book.

BUC News

Media content from BUC News, the weekly e-mail newsletter produced by the Communication Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK & Ireland. These video news reports add extra depth and insight to the printed news with stories that will be of interest to those within, or connected with, the Adventist Church in the British Isles.

Desmond Doss

Private Desmond Doss – the World War II medic who refused to carry a gun or take a life and became the first conscientious objector to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Enhancing Health

Health tips for optimum wellbeing. Join Sharon Platt-McDonald and her team of health professionals and lifestyle specialists as they explore case studies and share practical advice on nutrition and exercise.


Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist explores the basic questions of Christianity with Patrick Johnson, senior pastor of the Newbold Adventist church in Berkshire and invited special guests.

In Conversation

In Conversation - brings you stories that challenge faith and thinking. Victor Hulbert and Richard Daly talk with guests from varied backgrounds and lifestyles discovering what's important in their lives and learning lessons for our own.


‘INSPIRED’ is a series of talks by a variety of presenters who share spiritual insights through their inspirational messages.

Music In My Life

In this new series conductor, composer and performer, Ken Burton along with his gospel artiste guests, talk, perform and create music together as they share the role of music in their lives.

Reformation Journey

Reformation Journey, a seven-part social media video series aimed at explaining some of the major themes of the Reformation.

Searching For A God To Love

God is not someone to be loved, but is a feared and distant being, so remote that he has no relevance to my daily life.

The Journey

Dusting off the passport and the hiking boots, Victor Hulbert discovers that his joy of travel also teaches him a lesson or two about faith.


Lively debate and spiritual insights. Viewpoint is a topical discussion programme that explores issues affecting UK society and the Church.


Adventist Media Centre UK and IN2G ministries bring you WORD. A collection of short, topical monologues with a Christian perspective.