BUC Session 2016

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'Stand by Me' - Royal Wedding Song

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Lead vocalist Paul Lee talks about his experience of singing for the Royal couple.

Lay Bible Workers Convention 2012

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A report from the 2012 National Lay Bible Workers Convention, 16 - 18 November Staverton Park Hotel. Photo gallery of the event

Ellen G White

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Reflections on the Centenary of Ellen G White's Death

Sponsored Kayak for ADRA UK

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Celebrating 100 years of fundraising for ADRA, four adventurous kayakers attempted a mid-winter fund-raiser, kayaking down the beautiful River Wye from Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth to raise funds to provide much needed village wells in Burkina Faso. Facing strong headwinds and rising water levels, the team far surpassed their goal of £1000 and continuing donations will ensure that, thanks to ADRA, 8 villages in Burkino Faso will have safe and secure drinking water.

Mark Finley UK Interview

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In a wide-ranging and highly personal interview, Mark Finley talks with Richard Daly and reflects on the successes and challenges he has experienced during his 40 years in ministry and public evangelism.

President's Response to Woolwich Tragedy

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British Union Conference President, Ian Sweeney, gives his very personal response to the shocking death of Drummer Lee Rigby, who was murdered in Woolwich last week.

President's Report 2012

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With the glow of the Olympics and the Queen's diamond Jubilee both fading into the distant memory, Ian Sweeney, President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland, still believes there is a ‘feel good’ factor within the British public and within the Church he loves.

Bedford Olympic Witness

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Olympic Gold comes not just on the athletics field, but in the hearts of church members in Bedford. On the first day of Olympic activity, they opened up their church to the community.