Racism In The Church


Richard, Sophie and John tackle the difficult and often troubling topic of Racism in the Church, while Leslie Ackie provides some spiritual insights.


Animal Encounters / 25 LIKES


The Journey - Mainstream

The Journey / 24 LIKES

John Surridge guest presents this edition of The Journey.

Arnion 3 - The Son

Arnion / 24 LIKES

Arnion 3 - The Son

The Second Advent


Pastor Richard Daly explores the hope and assurance of Christ's Second Advent.

Fired Up

Documentaries / 23 LIKES

Tells the story of why William Tyndale and the reformers were literally 'fired up' as they determined to make the Bible available to 'the plough-boy in the field' in a language he understood. Watch In Conversation with 'Fired Up' writer/director, Mervyn Weir

Nutrition Conference

BUC News / 23 LIKES

Wisdom, fun and food were all highlights of the BUC Nutrition Conference attended by Health Ministries leaders, Health Professionals and health enthusiasts from across the entire British Isles.

Ellen G White

BUC News / 23 LIKES

Reflections on the Centenary of Ellen G White's Death

6. Conscience, Scripture & Reason

Reformation Journey / 23 LIKES

When Martin Luther faced Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms it was his final chance to either recant or confess. His choice would transform Europe – but first came a ‘dark night of the soul’. Victor & Dejan travel to Worms and talk with theologian and historian, Rolf Pöhler.