Eugénie Burton

In Conversation - Series 8 / 173 VIEWS

Richard Daly talks with Eugénie Burton about her love for life and keeping fit.

Victoria Beebee

Music In My Life / 172 VIEWS

Victoria Beebee, singer, songwriter and music educator, works with groups and uses music to help with confidence building.

Marcel Ghioalda

In Conversation - Series 7 / 168 VIEWS

Marcel talks about his work as a minister in Scotland, his journey of faith and learning to trust in God's leading.

Arnion 4 - The Woman

Arnion / 167 VIEWS

Arnion 4 - The Woman

Peter Manners Smith

Music In My Life / 166 VIEWS

In this episode conductor, composer and performer, Ken Burton talks to the multitalented Peter Manners-Smith about balancing his passion for music with a full-time job in the City.

Janelle Clarke

In Conversation - Series 8 / 160 VIEWS

Janelle is a motivational speaker, lay preacher, business woman and health professional. She is also passionate about families affected by domestic violence, alcohol and addiction, and is also an author of 3 books.

Maureen Rock

In Conversation - Series 9 / 160 VIEWS

Maureen shares her story with great openness and honesty, and reflects on her personal journey of faith.

Geert Tap

Music In My Life / 157 VIEWS

In this episode Ken Burton creates music with pastor and jazz musician Geert Tap and looks at the rhythms which make up our daily lives.

Mark Borrett

In Conversation - Series 8 / 157 VIEWS

Mark Borrett shares his journey from the corporate world of computers to becoming a church pastor.