The Second Advent


Pastor Richard Daly explores the hope and assurance of Christ's Second Advent.

'Stand by Me' - Royal Wedding Song

BUC News / 94 VIEWS

Lead vocalist Paul Lee talks about his experience of singing for the Royal couple.

Julian Thompson

In Conversation - Series 8 / 94 VIEWS

From a degree in political science to preacher to academic lecturer, Julian shares his journey of faith.


Animal Encounters / 93 VIEWS


Che Sampson

Music In My Life / 93 VIEWS

Ken Burton explores with Che Sampson about growing up in a musical home and finding your own sound.

Episode 2 - Waterfalls and Butterflies

Animal Encounters Season 2 - Costa Rica / 93 VIEWS

Our three adventurers explore the mouth of a roaring waterfall before getting unbelievably close to wizzing hummingbirds and breathtaking butterflies.

Rio Espulgar

In Conversation - Series 8 / 91 VIEWS

Rio reflects on God's leading in his life, from growing up in a dysfunctional family in his native Philippines, through his journey to the UK and his life today where he ministers to his churches and community.

Of Banquets, Brigands and Beggars


The Parable of the Great Banquet invites us to the King's table where we receive welcome and acceptance. Pastor Wayne Erasmus explores the meaning of the parable - both for the original hearers and also for us today.

Whatever You Say


"Do I love Jesus enough, to say to Him, whatever You say God, I’ll do it, because I love You." Pastor Ian Sweeney examines the Ten Commandments.