Burkina Faso

The Journey / 11 LIKES

The Journey with Ian Sweeney - Burkina Faso.

Arnion 9 - The Prostitute

Arnion / 11 LIKES

Arnion 9 - The Prostitute

Digestive Health

Enhancing Health / 11 LIKES

Digestive Health - 28-year-old career woman Sarah, has been experiencing excessive and consistent stomach discomfort. Her doctor has diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Sarah isn't convinced and she's still concerned about her condition and would like a second opinion from Sharon and her team of health professionals. Also watch Enhancing Health - Stress and Anxiety

Gershom Brown

Music In My Life / 11 LIKES

In this new series conductor, composer and performer, Ken Burton along with his gospel artiste guests, talk, perform and create music together as they share the role of music in their lives. In this opening episode Ken talks to the multitalented musician, actor, and mentor, Gershom Brown.

Geert Tap

Music In My Life / 11 LIKES

In this episode Ken Burton creates music with pastor and jazz musician Geert Tap and looks at the rhythms which make up our daily lives.

Andy Kydd

Music In My Life / 11 LIKES

In this episode conductor, composer and performer, Ken Burton talks to guitarist Andy Kydd about his musical journey and the role music plays in his family.

Victoria Beebee

Music In My Life / 11 LIKES

Victoria Beebee, singer, songwriter and music educator, works with groups and uses music to help with confidence building.

Tina Brooks

Music In My Life / 11 LIKES

Ethnomusicologist Tina Brooks talks to Ken Burton about the place that music has in cultures around the world and how musicians are regarded within those cultures.

Who was Desmond Doss - It Is Written

Desmond Doss / 11 LIKES

John Bradshaw shares how war represents the greater spiritual struggle between good and evil, and discusses the character of Doss and his faith. Recorded on location at various sites commemorating the life of Desmond Doss.