Jonathan Burnett

In Conversation - Series 6 / 16 LIKES

Jonathan Burnett shares his no-holds-barred experience of life in a pastoral family, how he turned his back on a career in biochemistry to volunteer as a teacher in Korea and go on to become a pastor. And talks honestly about his private struggles with the darker side of the human experience.


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Stanborough Press Open Day 2015

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Stanborough Press Open Day sees it's highest attendance in a decade, a combination of good weather, excellent bargains and the preaching power of Pastor Mark Finley.

BUC Review 2015

BUC News / 16 LIKES

Have the goals set out in 2011 been fulfilled? Is the Church growing? Are Adventists impacting the wider community? All of those questions and more were put to the BUC President, Pastor Ian Sweeney.

Ian Sweeney - End of Year Message

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Ian Sweeney - End of Year Message

Enhancing Health - coming soon

BUC News / 16 LIKES

Released Thursday, 24 - a brand new 6 part series that gives you health and lifestyle tips for optimum wellbeing. Join Sharon Platt-McDonald and her team of health professionals and lifestyle specialists as they explore case studies featuring specific health challenges, answer letters and share practical advice on nutrition and exercise.

The Heroism of Desmond Doss - It Is Written

Desmond Doss / 16 LIKES

John Bradshaw with Dr. Charles Knapp, retired army colonel, discuss army life and how Doss' faith got him through. Dr. Knapp also gives insights about the making of the film Hacksaw Ridge.

Sophie Gordon

In Conversation - Series 7 / 16 LIKES

Sophie shares her enthusiasm for volunteer work and discusses attitudes towards eating disorders and mental health.

7. Found In Translation

Reformation Journey / 16 LIKES

In every location on this epic Reformation Journey Dejan and Victor seem to have discovered people who take the Bible really seriously - even at the risk of their lives. In this final episode they go in search of someone who can help them understand the Bible for today.