The Conscientious Objector - the Desmond Doss story, part 2

Desmond Doss / 30 LIKES

In this three part documentary, Desmond and the men who served with him, tell their story and talk candidly about the events leading up the battle for Hacksaw Ridge.

Racism In The Church


Richard, Sophie and John tackle the difficult and often troubling topic of Racism in the Church, while Leslie Ackie provides some spiritual insights.


Animal Encounters / 25 LIKES


The Journey - Mainstream

The Journey / 24 LIKES

John Surridge guest presents this edition of The Journey.

Arnion 3 - The Son

Arnion / 24 LIKES

Arnion 3 - The Son

The Second Advent


Pastor Richard Daly explores the hope and assurance of Christ's Second Advent.

Fired Up

Documentaries / 23 LIKES

Tells the story of why William Tyndale and the reformers were literally 'fired up' as they determined to make the Bible available to 'the plough-boy in the field' in a language he understood. Watch In Conversation with 'Fired Up' writer/director, Mervyn Weir

Nutrition Conference

BUC News / 23 LIKES

Wisdom, fun and food were all highlights of the BUC Nutrition Conference attended by Health Ministries leaders, Health Professionals and health enthusiasts from across the entire British Isles.

Ellen G White

BUC News / 23 LIKES

Reflections on the Centenary of Ellen G White's Death