Ian Philpot

In Conversation - Series 9 / 129 VIEWS

Ian shares his journey from builder and martial arts teacher to church pastor.

1. A Massacre In Paradise

Reformation Journey / 128 VIEWS

The first programme of the Reformation Journey, a seven-part social media video series aimed at explaining some of the major themes of the Reformation. Victor & Dejan journey to the south of Italy to explore Guardia Piemontese, an idyllic village where Waldensian Christians built a mountain paradise far from home.



The panel discuss the media's portrayal of beauty, the extreme lengths people go to achieve it, when altering your appearance is appropriate and when it might not be.

Mark Prince part 1

In Conversation - Series 8 / 127 VIEWS

In part one of a two-part conversation with Richard Daly, Mark Prince (father of murdered teenager Kiyan Prince) reflects on his own tough childhood growing up with a violent father, his successful boxing career and the struggle to cope when it all came to a sudden end. In Part two, Mark talks about the death of his son and shares his journey to establishing the Kiyan Prince Foundation.


Animal Encounters / 126 VIEWS


Sweet Potato

Kirly-Sue's Global Kitchen / 125 VIEWS

Kirly-Sue prepares an Ital Stew and a Sweet Potato Pudding.

Joy Restored


Pastor Patrick Herbert explores the themes of Psalm 51.

Arnion 6 - The Lamb

Arnion / 124 VIEWS

Arnion 6 - The Lamb

Arnion 9 - The Prostitute

Arnion / 122 VIEWS

Arnion 9 - The Prostitute