Business Ethics and Christianity


How does a Christian survive, let alone make a difference, in the cut-throat world of the market place? Herta Von Stiegel, author of "The Mountain Within" and an Investment banker, Marge Lowhar, co-founder of The Transition Agency and Pastor Des Rafferty, Pastor, Principal of the Adventist Discovery Centre, look at the issues. Also watch VIEWPOINT on Christians and Personal Finance

Bob Folkenberg - Share Him

BUC News / 26 VIEWS

Are many Seventh-day Adventists members in name only? Bob Folkenberg thinks so – but also believes he may have part of the solution. Watch this update on the ‘Share Him’ project.

David Lammy Interview

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'Rising from the Ashes', a year on from the Tottenham riots, David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, reflected on the roots of dissatisfaction that led to the riots - and societal changes needed to prevent a repeat. This brief interview was recorded just before he presented the annual Beech Diversity Lecture at Newbold College on Tuesday, 16 October.

ADRA-UK Justine Greening Visit

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Interview with Bert Smit, CEO of ADRA-UK, reflecting on the visit of International Development Secretary, Justine Greening and local MP Richard Harrington on Monday the 20th of May.

Christianity and Business

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Series 2 programme 3. Christianity and Business

Celebrating the Sabbath


The Sabbath for Jews and some Christians is a day that is set aside to rest and reconnect with God and the family. In an increasingly hectic world can the Sabbath tradition give the secular world some tips on how to keep the relentless demands on their time in perspective? Also watch VIEWPOINT on God in a Cruel World

Episode 3: Living on the Edge (presentation)

Searching For A God To Love / 24 VIEWS

Searching For A God To Love - Episode 3: Living on the Edge (presentation)

Episode 5: Why I don't Abstain (presentation)

Searching For A God To Love / 24 VIEWS

Searching for a God to Love - Episode 5: Why I don't Abstain (presentation)

Can Faith Survive Cancer?

FaithTalks / 24 VIEWS

Series 2 Programme 8. Can Faith Survive Cancer?