Sophie Masereka

In Conversation - Series 8 / 242 VIEWS

Sophie shares her remarkable story of surviving the Rwandan genocide in 1994, when about 800,000 people were slaughtered in just 100 days.

Cor Sanders

In Conversation - Series 7 / 223 VIEWS

Cor shares his interesting life story, his work as a precision engineer in developing space technology and how a routine scan for back pain ended up saving his life.

Lurline Thomas

In Conversation - Series 9 / 222 VIEWS

Cancer survivor Lurline Thomas shares her personal journey, and talks about relying on God's strength during her darkest moments.

Arnion 2 - The Dragon

Arnion / 212 VIEWS

Arnion - The Dragon

Ken Burton

In Conversation - Series 7 / 212 VIEWS

Conductor, singer, and instrumentalist, Ken Burton shares the origins of his love for music and talks about the process of composing and the joy he gets by 'giving back' through music.

Arnion 4 - The Woman

Arnion / 197 VIEWS

Arnion 4 - The Woman


Animal Encounters / 195 VIEWS


Gwenton Sloley

In Conversation - Series 6 / 191 VIEWS

Former Gangster, Gwenton Sloley reveals his cry to God from a London prison cell, how a police officer who believed in him changed his life, and how, in his streetwise style, he now mentors youth, attracting them to positive lifestyles.

Victoria Beebee

Music In My Life / 176 VIEWS

Victoria Beebee, singer, songwriter and music educator, works with groups and uses music to help with confidence building.