Dan Jackson Interview

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An interview with Pastor Daniel Jackson, President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, highlights issues of church growth, changing demographics and questions of unity, locally and world-wide.

ADRA-UK Justine Greening Visit

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Interview with Bert Smit, CEO of ADRA-UK, reflecting on the visit of International Development Secretary, Justine Greening and local MP Richard Harrington on Monday the 20th of May.

Faith and the Single Person

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Series 2 programme 9. Faith and the Single Person

Lawrence Geraty Interview

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Throughout his life Dr Lawrence Geraty has faced, and graciously dealt, with issues of diversity. Asked to speak on the subject, “Diversity, friend or foe?” at a recent Newbold College Diversity Seminar he clearly emphasised the positives. Kirsten Oster-Lundqvist asked him Why?

Adventist Church 150 Years

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Tuesday, 21 May saw the 150th birthday of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, officially organised by twenty delegates on 21 May 1863. The 17 million member church that now encompasses the globe in its mission and outreach started from very small beginnings ... but where does the future now lie? We asked Pastor Ian Sweeney, President of the Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland.

The Journey - Mainstream

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John Surridge guest presents this edition of The Journey.

The Irish Vision 2014

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Seasons greetings from Ireland! Meet the Irish Mission pastors and engage with their passion for Mission to the Cities 2014 - Dublin (and beyond).

Berlengas Island

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The Journey with Victor Hulbert - Berlengas Island

Colleen Lewis

In Conversation - Series 5 / 32 VIEWS

Colleen Lewis, a lady of quiet passion, has found an engaging way to share Christ in the marketplace.