3. Tricky Situations

Reformation Journey / 46 VIEWS

Victor & Dejan take a hike in rural Surrey and discover that the Reformation is all around us. Discover how Henry VIII, king of England, generated reformation for all the wrong reasons, but with positive consequences. Filmed in Pyrford, Surrey, UK

5. Picture Perfect

Reformation Journey / 46 VIEWS

Dejan and Victor continue their Reformation Journey with a visit to Wittenberg - famous as the home of the reformation and the location where Luther posted his 95 thesis. Yet somehow it was not those thesis that caught their attention. Something else caught their eye - and helped them understand the similicity of Luther's gospel.

4. Keep Asking The Questions

Reformation Journey / 45 VIEWS

In the fourth programme of the Reformation Journey series, Dejan and Victor travel to Oxford where they find the risk and rewards of asking questions - 500 hundred years ago and today. It's all part of the journey.

The Empty Camera

The Journey / 44 VIEWS

Photography may be a passion – but without the right tools it can also be a frustration.

Robert Carr

Music In My Life / 43 VIEWS

Ken Burton explores with guest Robert Carr about sources of inspiration when composing music.

Olympic Chaplain - Richard Daly

BUC News / 42 VIEWS

Richard Daly is a church pastor – but he sees his community as much larger than just those who come through his church doors. London 2012 was his 4th Olympics but his first opportunity to serve as a full-time volunteer chaplain. What is his motivation?

Karin and Llew Edwards

In Conversation - Series 6 / 42 VIEWS

Karin and Llew Edwards openly share their moving and thoughtful views on living with terminal cancer. Their mixture of humour, honesty and a deep trust in God makes this compelling viewing.

Jamie Jorge

In Conversation - Series 6 / 42 VIEWS

Jaime Jorge, renowned Adventist violinist, shares his story of faith to God in communist Cuba, how God has transformed his life, and the difference that trust can make. We also hear some of his music.

Elvira Pearson

In Conversation - Series 5 / 41 VIEWS

Elvira Pearson has a missionary heart – but having a heart at all is exceptional for a girl who had to keep her Bible secret and hide her faith from her parents, even at age 14.