Mart de Groot

In Conversation - Series 6 / 172 VIEWS

Dr Mart de Groot, former director of the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland and retired Seventh-day Adventist pastor. Mart reflects on his childhood, inspirational teachers and his lifelong quest to reconcile the relationship between faith and science.

Episode 10 - Underwater

Animal Encounters Season 2 - Costa Rica / 163 VIEWS

Our three adventurers investigate what is causing coral all over the world to lose its color. As their adventure in Costa Rica comes to an end, the girls reflect on what can be done to preserve nature, and decide what to do next.

Terry Messenger

In Conversation - Series 9 / 162 VIEWS

Terry reflects on his personal journey of faith.

Arnion 7 - The Animal

Arnion / 160 VIEWS

Arnion 7 - The Animal

Arnion 6 - The Lamb

Arnion / 158 VIEWS

Arnion 6 - The Lamb

VIEWPOINT - Consumerism


Richard and his guest discuss consumerism and how living in a 'throw-away society' impacts our daily lives.



Richard and his guests explore the church's attitude towards divorce and discuss the sensitive and often complex issues surrounding the subject.

Episode 5 - The Land of Strays

Animal Encounters Season 2 - Costa Rica / 154 VIEWS

Our three adventurers explore how an animal shelter housing hundreds of abandoned stray dogs is a little bit like heaven, before leading the dogs on the most epic walk ever!

BUC Session 2016

BUC News / 149 VIEWS