The Journey - Iona and Worship

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Iona is a people magnet for tourists and pilgrims alike. But when Victor Hulbert visited this remote Hebridean Island he found himself faced with the unexpected.

Dr Errol McLean Interview

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An interview with Dr Errol McLean - Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute. Recorded during the National Lay Bible Workers Convention, Dr McLean shares his views and insights into the challenges of evangelism that the church faces.

Sponsored Kayak for ADRA UK

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Celebrating 100 years of fundraising for ADRA, four adventurous kayakers attempted a mid-winter fund-raiser, kayaking down the beautiful River Wye from Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth to raise funds to provide much needed village wells in Burkina Faso. Facing strong headwinds and rising water levels, the team far surpassed their goal of £1000 and continuing donations will ensure that, thanks to ADRA, 8 villages in Burkino Faso will have safe and secure drinking water.

Adventist Church 150 Years

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Tuesday, 21 May saw the 150th birthday of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, officially organised by twenty delegates on 21 May 1863. The 17 million member church that now encompasses the globe in its mission and outreach started from very small beginnings ... but where does the future now lie? We asked Pastor Ian Sweeney, President of the Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland.

Men and Faith

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Series 2 programme 2. Men and Faith

Christianity and Business

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Series 2 programme 3. Christianity and Business

Faith in an Urban Community

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Series 2 programme 12. Faith in an Urban Community

C S Lewis - 50th anniverary of his death

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Dr Debbie Higgens is not just a fan of CS Lewis, she is the on-site director of 'The Kilns', Lewis' former home. Fifty years on from his death on 22 November 1963, Debbie will be among the guests at a special Westminster Abbey service where his name will be added to those celebrated in the poet's corner. Debbie is both the first Adventist and the first academic to be on site warden at the Kilns. In this interview she shares how Lewis had a profound influence on her life… and the life of thousands of others.

Teens Day of Fellowship

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South England Conference - Teens Day of Fellowship