Arnion 8 - The Court

Arnion / 112 VIEWS

Mark Prince part 2

In Conversation - Series 8 / 112 VIEWS

Mark Prince (father of murdered teenager Kiyan Prince) continues his story. He talks about the death of his son and shares his journey to establishing the Kiyan Prince Foundation.

Katrina Walker

In Conversation - Series 7 / 111 VIEWS

Katrina shares her amazing adventures as a missionary and talks about her willingness to go anywhere in the world to make a difference.

The Power Of The Media


In the final episode of the current series of VIEWPOINT, the panel discuss the power of the media and the impact that a 24/7 media is having on us as individuals and society at large.

Stress and Anxiety

Enhancing Health / 110 VIEWS

Stress and Anxiety - James, a 43-year-old manager in a large company, seeks advice from Sharon and her team of health professionals because his stressful life is leading to adverse health conditions. Also watch Enhancing Health - Mood and Menopause

Celtic Christianity

The Journey / 108 VIEWS

The Journey with David Foster - Celtic Christianity

Ellen G White

BUC News / 107 VIEWS

Reflections on the Centenary of Ellen G White's Death

Dan Serb

In Conversation - Series 7 / 106 VIEWS

Dan Serb shares his journey of faith and talks about the challenges of leading the Adventist church in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Cango Ranch

Animal Encounters / 105 VIEWS

Cango Ranch