Lorance Johnson Interview

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Newly elected North England Conference president, Lorance Johnson, took time out from 2 days of Education Meetings in Watford to talk with Victor Hulbert and share his vision for the future.

Dr Errol McLean Interview

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An interview with Dr Errol McLean - Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute. Recorded during the National Lay Bible Workers Convention, Dr McLean shares his views and insights into the challenges of evangelism that the church faces.

The Journey - Angel Song

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The National Parks of Northern Portugal are a hidden treasure. Remote and beautiful – yet with hidden dangers if you are a shepherd. Has their life changed significantly from that of the shepherds of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago? In exploring, we discover the real meaning of ‘The Angels Song’.

Chapel Porth - May 2013

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Chapel Porth is a place where young people make life changing decisions, like Michael Hanna one of our newest brothers in Christ.

President's Response to Woolwich Tragedy

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British Union Conference President, Ian Sweeney, gives his very personal response to the shocking death of Drummer Lee Rigby, who was murdered in Woolwich last week.

Men and Health

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Series 2 programme 1. Men and Health

Christianity and Business

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Series 2 programme 3. Christianity and Business

Depression and Faith

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Series 2 programme 11. Depression and Faith

Teens Day of Fellowship

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South England Conference - Teens Day of Fellowship