Richard and his guests explore the church's attitude towards divorce and discuss the sensitive and often complex issues surrounding the subject.

It's The Way That You Do It


"The motivation of God in His behaviour and actions toward us is LOVE. Surely then, our motivation in behaviour and action toward God should also be from LOVE." Pastor Ian Sweeney

Mark Borrett

In Conversation - Series 8 / 11 LIKES

Mark Borrett shares his journey from the corporate world of computers to becoming a church pastor.

Paul Lockham

In Conversation - Series 5 / 10 LIKES

Paul Lockham tried to leave God, but through a miracle and Christian friends, discovered that God never left him.

Episode 5: Why I don't Abstain (presentation)

Searching For A God To Love / 10 LIKES

Searching for a God to Love - Episode 5: Why I don't Abstain (presentation)

Faith Through Art

FaithTalks / 10 LIKES

Faith Through Art

Isabel Moraes

In Conversation - Series 6 / 10 LIKES

Feeding your epilepsy medicine to the dog is not particularly good for dog or child, but this early experiment (or rebellion) eventually led to a career in science as Dr Moraes searches for a cure for Alzheimer's disease while also developing a passion for God and His creation.

Pauline Allcock

In Conversation - Series 6 / 10 LIKES

Pauline Allcock trained as a lawyer but ME put paid to that employment. However, a remarkable answer to prayer means that today she not only holds down a successful job, but works with Adventist Frontier Missions and volunteers in her local church.

Berlengas Island

The Journey / 10 LIKES

The Journey with Victor Hulbert - Berlengas Island