Film Premiere - "Fired up"

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Film Premiere of 'Fired up', a new, youthful film on the Life of William Tyndale, brought the Bible alive at BAFTA, Piccadilly on Sunday, 18 December. "Watch the Trailer"

The Journey - Iona and Worship

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Iona is a people magnet for tourists and pilgrims alike. But when Victor Hulbert visited this remote Hebridean Island he found himself faced with the unexpected.

Women of Virtue

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The principles of the 'women of virtue' in Proverbs 31 are still alive today - and highlighted in a Conference organised by Sharon Platt-McDonald, Women's Ministries, Health and Disability Awareness director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland.


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The Journey with Victor Hulbert - Seedtime.

BUC Pathfinder Camporee 2012

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What makes leaders take 900 children and teens out of their normal environment for an intense week of activity? We talk to some of the leaders.

Sinisa Horvat

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Sinisa Horvat, a communist atheist who found God through a school friend and now wants to narrow the gap between the secular world and what the Church has to offer.

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Series 2 programme 10. Church Without Walls

Kingdom Entry at Children's Rates


“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them…” Pastor Wayne Erasmus explores the themes of Luke 18:15-17

Episode 1: The Centre of Existence (presentation)

Searching For A God To Love / 40 VIEWS

Searching for a God to Love - Episode 1: The Centre of Existence (presentation).