The Empty Camera

The Journey / 54 VIEWS

Photography may be a passion – but without the right tools it can also be a frustration.

Robert Carr

Music In My Life / 54 VIEWS

Ken Burton explores with guest Robert Carr about sources of inspiration when composing music.

3. Tricky Situations

Reformation Journey / 54 VIEWS

Victor & Dejan take a hike in rural Surrey and discover that the Reformation is all around us. Discover how Henry VIII, king of England, generated reformation for all the wrong reasons, but with positive consequences. Filmed in Pyrford, Surrey, UK

Mental Health


The VIEWPOINT panel discuss and explore the sensitive and often complex topic of mental health.

Faith Through Art

FaithTalks / 53 VIEWS

Faith Through Art

Shy Faith

The Journey / 53 VIEWS

The Journey with Victor Hulbert - Shy Faith

Christians and the Environment


If Christians believe that the world is going to end soon with the triumphant return of Christ then surely it does not matter how we treat a dying planet now. Should Christians care for the planet – or should they just leave it to the 'mother earth brigade' and get on with preaching the Gospel? Also watch VIEWPOINT on Christians and Politics

Episode 8: Suffering, why so much? (Discussion)

Searching For A God To Love / 52 VIEWS

Searching For A God To Love - Episode 8: Suffering, why so much? (Discussion)

Julian Hibbert

In Conversation - Series 6 / 52 VIEWS

Discover the life of Messenger Editor, Pastor Julian Hibbert. Find the courage of his father on 'the long march' as a German prisoner of war at the end of WW2, and how his humanity then passed onto his son today.