Episode 4: Living on the Edge (discussion)

Searching For A God To Love / 15 LIKES

Searching For A God To Love - Episode 4: Living on the Edge (discussion)

Episode 7: Suffering, why so much? (Presentation)

Searching For A God To Love / 15 LIKES

Searching for a God to Love - Episode 7: Suffering, why so much? (Presentation)

Richard Poulton

In Conversation - Series 5 / 15 LIKES

Richard Poulton shares a journey to faith, to legalism – to a true understanding of the Gospel. Enjoy this story of a transformed heart.

Freedom Of Choice


Richelle Anim, explains why freedom of choice is a double edged sword.

Olympic Flame Witness Climaxes In London

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As the Olympic torch made its way through the London borough of Hounslow, SEC media reports on the local Adventist Church's involvement with the community during the special event, and follow Tyler Saunders, a 29-year-old Paralympic hopeful and member of Chiswick Adventist Church, who carried the Olympic torch through the streets of Ealing.

BUC Pathfinder Camporee 2012

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What makes leaders take 900 children and teens out of their normal environment for an intense week of activity? We talk to some of the leaders.

The Journey - Rest

The Journey / 15 LIKES

Have you ever been so tired that you can’t put one foot in front of the other? What does rest really mean, and why has God so consistently given us the invitation to rest?

Recession proofing women and families

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Sandra Golding shares her top recession proofing tips at the "Hand Maid for Ministry" conference.

Dr Errol McLean Interview

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An interview with Dr Errol McLean - Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute. Recorded during the National Lay Bible Workers Convention, Dr McLean shares his views and insights into the challenges of evangelism that the church faces.