Arnion 6 - The Lamb

Arnion / 16 LIKES

Arnion 6 - The Lamb

Arnion 7 - The Animal

Arnion / 16 LIKES

Arnion 7 - The Animal

Paul Lee

Music In My Life / 16 LIKES

In this episode conductor, composer and performer, Ken Burton talks to Paul Lee about the enabling and confidence building power of music.

The Power Of Prayer


Pastor Richard Daly draws on his own experience to present a very personal talk on the Power of Prayer.

Kirk Thomas

In Conversation - Series 8 / 16 LIKES

Pastor Thomas reflects on how he needed to adapt his ministry to the British culture and the many differences compared to living and working in his native Guyana.

Lurline Thomas

In Conversation - Series 9 / 16 LIKES

Cancer survivor Lurline Thomas shares her personal journey, and talks about relying on God's strength during her darkest moments.

Derek Morris Interview

BUC News / 15 LIKES

Derek Morris Interview

Is Violence Ever Acceptable


Is Violence Ever Acceptable? In the UK, riots violence is seen as bad and a symbol of a society out of control. But on the other hand violence in the middle east has been condoned and even encouraged. So does violence accomplish anything? Is it necessary? Can violence be a force for good? Also watch VIEWPOINT on What Is Truth

Episode 3: Living on the Edge (presentation)

Searching For A God To Love / 15 LIKES

Searching For A God To Love - Episode 3: Living on the Edge (presentation)